Dienstag 20. Februar 2018



Success and Social Responsibility


A Guide to Future-Proofing Your Business


The aim of these guidelines is to help businesses to recognise their social responsibility. Intended for use by any Austrian company, large or small, the guidelines list objectives for responsible business activity based on five fields of action:


______  1 Leadership

______  2 Marketplace

______  3 Workforce

______  4 Environment

______  5 Society


If a company chooses to adopt the guidelines, it can use them to implement measures step by step, and to systematically document their engagement.


In 2009, members of the Austrian business community compiled the guidelines in an open, transparent process based on in-depth discussions with the various stakeholders. The key outcomes of that process are the present document - conceived as a milestone in the debate of social responsibility of Austrian companies - and a public dialogue on the issues that is likely to continue long after the guidelines are published.



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